Kenny Walters
Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist 
Welcome to the world of Kenny Walters Music.  This site is a culmination of years behind the guitar and pen.  Kenny has honed his craft on the same streets that Buck and Merle walked.

Since departing the US Navy in 1977, his musical life has not been the same.  Shortly after his discharge, his playing abilities became apparent to everyone.  This exposure led to his first "Paying Gig" at the Howdy House in Bakersfield, CA.  Playing four nights a week helped sharpen his skills, and other clubs in town began recruiting Kenny.

This was about the point where a chance meeting with Bonnie Owens greatly influenced his direction and music.  It was also around this same time he was introduced to Tom Hunnicutt, who was a local bandleader.  Tom's group was going through some changes, and one of the members--Ernie Lewis--was available to play. 

Shortly after that meeting, the Moosehead Band was in high gear playing throughout California.  The band also traveled to Nashville to compete in "Seagram's 7 Battle of the Bands" representing California.   The band took 3rd place, but that was just the start of a partnership that lasted well over 25 years.

During this time, he also put in a brief 28 years with the Kern County Fire Dept.  He fought fires, saved lives, and played his unique style of music.

In 2006 Kenny left the firefighting to the "young turks," but the music has endured.  On this site you will find songs old and new.  Always in search of the perfect song, he continues writing and performing his signature music that can only be described as "Kenny Style."

Sail on Brother, Spud Fuller, June 16, 2009
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